Lake Milton has a place in musical history.    Its
shores offer beauty in all seasons. A waterfront
community for recreation..and family fun!

We're excited about the future of Lake Milton.

We believe the lake is a beautiful place.  And we believe that together we can work
on the future of the Lake Milton community for our children.  We can enhance this
place for all who live here and for all who visit.

Our board focuses on:
Creating a sense of place for our community and for all who recreate here
Bringing together volunteer professionals including project managers,
architects, designers and more to collaborate
Development projects guided by volunteer certified financial and legal
Grant making (volunteer) to bring much need financial support back to
our community
Musical History
From the 1920's through the 1970's, Craig Beach was the home to a music hall that
featured dancing to some of the country's most magical musicians and
entertainers.  And in 2014, the music was back with the new waterfront
Beautiful Waterfront Community
Lake Milton is composed of Craig Beach Village, Milton Township and these
surround Lake Milton State Park.
Lake Milton Nature Arts Council, Inc