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Lake Milton Amphitheater Events

For a complete list of Lake Milton State Park Amphitheater events, go to, or
If the link doesn't work just type in to your browser     
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computer settings.)
Fill out the application form by downloading from this site.  Or pick it up at
the park office.
Date your check June 1 ONLY
Mail your application and check to address on the form
See the form for full instructions and how many letters will fit on a paver
To Purchase an Engraved Paving Stone for the Amphitheater

You are welcome to engrave a paving stone with a message and have it
installed at the Amphitheater entrance.  Stop by and see that many have
added their family name, a special date in their lives and many other
messages.  One time a year paving stones will be installed and engraved.  
This is to allow us to pull together the applications in to one installation
event.  If you are interested....
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